Download HTRI Xchanger Suite v7.3.2

Xchanger Suite software full crack download product of HTRI company it is a software in the field of heat transfer and heat exchangers. This software has all the necessary tools to perform heat transfer calculations in converters and furnaces, and its calculation method has been reviewed by the company’s engineers for more than 55 years.

All modules of this software are completely flexible and independent, and it is possible to define even the most complex geometry of heat exchangers in the software.

This software is one of the best modifiers of heat transfer and pressure drop in heat exchangers and significantly increases the efficiency and performance of designed products. All calculations in this software are performed numerically with the help of fluid properties. Distinguishing different colors in the design helps you to better and more accurately identify the components of a system. This software also has many output capabilities such as Excel output.

The VMGThermo plugin helps users generate the physical properties of the fluid they need and design product simulation steps based on online data and graphs. Multipurpose visualization of the obtained results and graphical representation of the obtained data cause a general schematic of the simulation process in front of the user. This phaser software also has the ability to simulate a variety of processes.

Key features of HTRI Xchanger Suite software:

  • – Calculate heat transfer and pressure drop based on fluid properties
  • – Clean input texts, defaults and results using different colors
  • – Having a powerful plug-in to produce VMGThermo fluid properties
  • Extensive output results with full details in Excel file format
  • – Comprehensive online guide with a database of fluid properties
  • – Illustrate the results using graphs, graphs and shapes
  • – Has a comprehensive unit conversion calculator to prevent incorrect input
  • – Suitable user interface for process design, integrated engineering and mechanical design

HTRI Xchanger Suite software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 351 MB + Doc + Examples
  • Crack: Full crack ( unlimited system)
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