Download Hydromantis WatPro v4.0

WatPro software with crack download is a product of Hydromantis company is an advanced software for evaluating the efficiency of drinking water treatment units. Using this software, steady-state analysis can be performed with the aim of removing microbial and chemical contaminants from drinking water. This analysis also prevents the formation of DBP or Disinfection-by-Products, activation of Giardia and a variety of viruses. Other features of this software include targeting organic matter from water, decomposing pollutants and determining the final pH.

Key features of WatPro software:

  • – Has full features of steady-state analysis
  • – Removal of microbial and chemical contaminants from drinking water
  • Prevents the formation of DBP or Disinfection-by-Products
  • – Inactivation of Giardia and all kinds of viruses
  • – Harmful organic matter from drinking water or other
  • – Decomposition of contaminants into harmless substances
  • – Estimate the final pH of the water after the process

WatPro software details:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 117 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack
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