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Introducing Aspen Plus V11 : Chemical Engineering Simulation Course by udemy download gain the necessary practical skills and knowledge to begin using Aspen Plus with this introductory course. Aspen Plus is a powerful engineering simulation software that you can use to model a wide range of chemical processes. It is widely used in engineering universities and in the industry, in research, development, modeling and design. The course will introduce you to the basic structure of the software and leads you through a hands-on introduction to the various features of Aspen Plus, designed to facilitate the set up of simple problems.

Aspen Plus serves as the engineering platform for modeling processes from Upstream through Gas Processing to Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical processes.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify the benefits of process simulation using Aspen Plus
  • Describe the capabilities of Aspen Plus
  • Familiarize yourself with Aspen Plus graphical user interface and organizational structure
  • Learn the basic concepts necessary for creating simulations in Aspen Plus
  • Enter necessary elements to fully define a Fluid Package
  • Select the appropriate property method for your application
  • Define material streams and connect unit operations to build a flowsheet
  • Modify and set desired units of measure
  • Review stream analysis options
  • Add and connect unit operations to build a flowsheet
  • Use the Report Manager to create custom unit operation and stream reports
  • Use Aspen Plus to perform property analysis of pure components and mixtures
  • Be prepared to take our Aspen Plus Masterclass to become an Aspen Plus advanced user if that is what you like and

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers new to Aspen Plus who need basic training to get started
  • Users who need exposure to engineering simulation as preparation for taking our Aspen Plus Masterclass and Aspen Plus Dynamics® courses

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Software and Hardware
  • What is Aspen Plus ?
  • Why is Aspen Plus so important ?
  • Who uses Aspen Plus ?
  • Starting up Aspen plus
  • Preparing to begin a simulation
  • Search, find, select and enter your components
  • Specifying the most relevant property method for your process
  • Improving the accuracy of a property method – Advanced users
  • Save your file and learn about the different formats
  • A couple of advices
  • Practice session #1
  • Objectives of the next videos
  • Checking the binary interactions
  • Entering the simulation environment
  • Adding a process equipment
  • Adding a material stream
  • More Aspen Plus features
  • Entering stream properties
  • Aspen Plus report options
  • Discussing the results and viewing the report general settings
  • How the different recommended property methods impact the simulation results
  • Objectives of the next videos
  • Resetting the simulator
  • Modifying a property set
  • Displaying stream properties on your process flowsheet
  • Printing from Aspen Plus
  • Viewing your result summary
  • Generating your report
  • Stream analyses : Stream properties
  • Stream analyses : Additional features
  • Adding a flash separation unit
  • Specifying input data for a flash separation process
  • Running the simulation and checking the results
  • Taking your Aspen Plus skills to the next level ?
  • Flash Separation & Distillation Module : Introduction
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction Module : Introduction
  • Chemical Reactor Module : Introduction
  • Piping System Module : Introduction
  • Economic Optimization Module : Introduction
  • Heat Exchanger Module : Introduction
  • Solids handling Module : Introduction
  • Fluidized bed modeling in Aspen Plus
  • Aspen Plus Safety Environment : Process description
  • Downloadable resources

Course details

  • Movie quality: MP4 | Video: h264, 1280 × 720
  • Audio quality: Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
  • Movie duration: 3h 24 m
  • Number of lessons:  50  lectures
  • Language of instruction: English + Sub
  • Compressed file size: 957 MB
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