Download Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery 2024

Ion Channels as Targets in Drug Discovery download book pdf by Gary Stephens, This book is built around ion channel research and, more specifically, ion channels as important therapeutic drug targets. Under the editorial leadership of Gary Stephens in academic research and Edward Stevens from industry, the aim is to bring these strands together to provide a cutting-edge translational reference on ion channel drug discovery.

Exploiting our knowledge of ion channel structure and function has clear current and future potential to intervene and correct the pathophysiology associated with debilitating conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, pain, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative disorders.

eBook details

  • Author (s): Gary Stephens, Edward Stevens
  • Year of publication: 2024
  • Publisher:  Springer 
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9783031521966, 9783031521973, 303152196X
  • Number of pages: 540 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 9 MB
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