Download Kiwa IRENE Pro v4.6.3.0

IRENE Pro software full crack download product of Kiwa for Gas Pipeline Analysis , anda specialized software for performing various calculations, designs and analysis of gas networks. Using this software, the amount of risk or ability to deliver gas in different networks can be analyzed.

This software has a very high scalability and even supports networks with more than 100,000 tubes. The calculations in this software are fast and reliable and have the ability to illustrate the results well. The most important advantage of this software is the ability to determine the risk of gas delivery to customers. It is also possible to monitor the pipe pressure in different conditions.

Key features of Kiwa IRENE Pro software:

  • – Infinite calculation of gas piping in very wide networks
  • – Calculate different types of gases such as hydrogen, CO2 and natural gas
  • Ability to simultaneously process calculations for multiple networks
  • – Analysis of gas delivery capability in critical conditions and determining the risk of non-delivery
  • – User interface similar to CAD and GIS with advanced search
  • Advanced output to Excel with Geo-referenced
  • – Additional analyzes such as Tracing Fed-In and determining the maximum pressure drop
  • – Design calculations according to network requirements and optimal parameters
  • Easily scalable and user-friendly interfaces
  • – Proven expertise in the gas sector
  • – Can be used for different gases (natural gas, bio gas, hydrogen, CO2, etc.)
  • – Pipeline owners
  • – Pipeline operators
  • – Network operators
  • – Infrastructure companies
  • – Construction contractors
  • – Network calculation specialists

Kiwa IRENE Pro software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 13.3 MB
  • Crack: Full crack (unlimited system)
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