Download KBC Multiflash 6.1.25

Multiflash KBC Petro-SIM infochem software download crack  advanced thermodynamics software and fluid property engine underpins the pipeline and simulation technology of the entire hydrocarbon industry. Multiflash is designed to calculate phase equilibria and Counts excellent hydrate formation and hydrate inhibition. A program module is included for calculating phase equilibria in many commercial programs.

Multiflash Infochem rich software and intellectual property in the chemistry of oil and gas fluids enable accurate modeling of reservoir fluids to maximise production – “flow assurance.” KBC offers two Infochem Flow Assurance Software products: Multiflash and FloWax.

Key features of KBC Petro-SIM Multiflash software

  •  model any phases, including Hydrates, Waxes, Asphaltenes and Halide Scales partitioning of potentially damaging substances such as Mercury (Hg) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).
  • Hydrate inhibitor assessment with Multiflash
  • comprehensive PVT (pressure, volume, temperature) and physical properties package, it allows for complete modeling of the phase behavior of complex mixtures and pure substances.


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