Download KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor Suite 7.2

Petro-SIM software 7.2 download with crack KBC SIM Reactor which is presented in new versions in the form of SIM Suite, is the most famous program of this company, which can be considered as the best and most professional software for simulating various refining processes. The basis of petroleum is HYSYS 3.0; PetroSim, along with other software including the KBC SIM Suite suite, performs graphical simulations of a variety of processes in the hydrocarbon industry, including the upstream, intermediate, and downstream industries.

Petro-SIM leading consultancy and software provider to the hydrocarbon industry, is pleased to announce the launch of the Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor 6.2 process simulator. This marks the next step in KBC’s continued drive to provide superior value and innovation in process simulation for the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Petro-SIM is more than a standalone rigorous process modelling environment. Its open platform architecture provides integration, collaboration, reporting, and web-enabled technology allowing your organisation to gain efficiencies in process modelling work processes. At the core is the Petro-SIM process simulation technology complete with rigorous, leading technology models for the upstream, midstream, and downstream refining and petrochemical hydrocarbon industries.

Key features of KBC SIM Suite – Petro-SIM:

  • Highly advanced and accurate simulation of processes
  • Ability to workflow inside the simulator
  • Ability to customize designs to implement a variety of standards
  •  Having a database with the possibility of sharing information between the working group
  •  Includes a complete set of simulation software such as DC-SIM, DHTR-SIM, FCC-SIM, HCR-SIM,
  •  Possibility of use in most upstream to downstream petrochemical industries
  • Ability to create balance and manage production

KBC Petro-SIM and the SIM Reactor details:

  • Operating system: windows
  • Crack: full crack
  • License type: Multi-user
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