Download Lakes Environmental AERMOD View v8.9.0

AERMOD View software full crack download a software for modeling gaseous pollutants and air dispersion. and powerful air dispersion modeling package which seamlessly incorporates the following popular U.S. EPA air dispersion models into one integrated interface: AERMOD, ISCST3, ISC-PRIME.

These US EPA air dispersion models are used extensively to assess pollution concentration and deposition from a wide variety of sources. The AMS/EPA Regulatory Model (AERMOD) is the next generation air dispersion model based on planetary boundary layer theory. AERMOD utilizes a similar input and output structure to ISCST3 and shares many of the same features, as well as offering additional features. AERMOD fully incorporates the PRIME building downwash algorithms, advanced depositional parameters, local terrain effects, and advanced meteorological turbulence calculations.

Key Features of AERMOD View software:

  • Full preprocessor meteorology: Availability of several tools for easy processing of meteorological data for AERMOD and ISC models.
  • Area processor with automatic download: advanced terrain processing capability for multiple data file formats such as NED, SRTM and USGS DEM
  • New Project: Allows you to quickly and easily create a new project
  • Graphical user interface: completely integrated interface for easy combination and use of graphical tools (resources, building and receiver)
  • Powerful 3D visualization: Full 3D visualization of the entire modeled area
  • Export to Google Earth: This feature allows you to export your building, source, receiver, and model lines to Google Earth, which can give you a more realistic picture of where pollutants are impacting surrounding areas.
  • Professional printing format: the possibility of using a printable version

AERMOD View software details:

  • Supported operating systems: windows x86-x64 (Windows 7,10)
  • File size: 600 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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