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Lauterbach PROPER software download with crack A comprehensive computing software and database containing over 800 chemical compounds and pure elements. This software is able to calculate the physical and chemical properties such as density, viscosity and specific heat capacity of many chemical compounds at different temperatures and pressures. Fuzzy and equilibrium diagrams of many chemical compounds are present in this software and are easily accessible. It is possible to search for chemical compounds using English, German and CAS numbers. This software is able to study the chemical composition of up to 15 elements. This software is written based on the VDI heat transfer atlas and determines the properties according to the standard. The full list of compounds in the software can be viewed here.

In this software, first select the chemical compounds in your mixture and then at the selected temperature and pressure, the possibility of calculations such as density, heat capacity, entropy, enthalpy, reaction equilibrium constant, molecular weight, Lewis number, thermal permeability, coefficient There is chemical penetration, surface tension, coefficient of thermal expansion and apparent viscosity.

You can define a mixture of up to 15 chemical compounds for the software. Perform calculations in different thermodynamic conditions and even change the method of solving some calculations. For example, in calculating the fuzzy equilibrium model, it is possible to change the calculation method based on DDB-Flash or PSRK-Model. Sometimes it is possible to achieve different results by changing the calculation method or to predict the properties of the material in a way that is in line with the overall objectives of the study.

Key features of Lauterbach PROPER software:

  • The most comprehensive database of physical and chemical properties of chemical compounds
  • Contains more than 800 widely used compounds in chemistry and industry
  • Calculate different properties at different temperatures and pressures
  • Draw a binary fuzzy diagram of different compounds
  • Search for compounds by name, formula or CAS identifier
  • Calculate the properties of the mixture containing a maximum of 15 compounds
  • Calculate the amount of saturation and pressure and equilibrium temperature
  • Calculation of liquid-solid fuzzy equilibrium
  •  Calculate the amount of impurities in hydrocarbons

Proper calculates:

  •  Density
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Binary diffusion coefficients
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Thermal expansion coefficient
  •  Prandtl number
  •  Kinematic viscosity
  • Surface tension
  •  Lewis number
  • Specific heat capacity
  • Enthalpy
  • Thermal diffusivity
  • Enthalpy of evaporation (pure substances)
  •  Molecular weight (mixtures)
  • Isentropic exponent
  •  Compressibility
  •  Phase equilibria of pure substances or mixtures.
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