Download Lixoft Monolix Suite v2019 R2 Win/Linux/macOS

Monolix Suite software download crack Lixosoft’s product is specialized software for pharmacists and biologists And students of medicinal chemistry that enables them to develop new drugs by nonlinear modeling of compound effects or NLME. The software is based on the SAEM algorithm and has extensive support for PK and PD models for systemic pharmacology (pre-clinical group tests). This software has many users around the world and is used by many researchers and scholars.

Key features of Monolix Suite software:

  •  Advanced and comprehensive software for studying and developing drugs
  • Nonlinear modeling of the effect of drug combination or NLME
  • Designed based on SAEM algorithm
  • Extensive development of complex PK and PD models
  • Systematic pharmacology modeling
  • Widely used around the world by researchers and pharmacists
  • Advanced statistical methodology in calculations
  • Automatic troubleshooting tests
  • Solver written with C Plus Plus for faster speed
  •  Easy and simple user interface
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