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Comprehensive and complete training in the basics of chemistry for all those interested in chemistry.  Main Principles of Chemistry to Learn in 2020 by Shahid Iqbal Farooqi . 8This course is mainly designed to learn the main and basic principles of chemistry for the best preparation for possible future examinations. My primary goal to design this course for understanding the basic concepts of chemistry rather than memorizing them. I understand that this course with simple and best explanations will develop the skills to fill the gap between knowledge and confidence for a future professional career.

Who this course is for:
Everyone who want to learn about chemistry.
Anyone with a genuine interest in learning the principles of Chemistry.
Anyone Who has passion in it.
Anyone who want to learn Basic Chemistry.
Anyone who want to start a career as a Chemist, pharmacist scientist.

What you’ll learn
Learn main differences Between Gases, Liquids and Solids
Learn Evidences of Particles
Learn Concept of Elements, Compounds and mixtures
Learn Types of Mixtures
Learn The main Separation Techniques
Understand the Concept of an Atom, Atomic Number and Mass Number
Learn Isotopes
Know the Periodic Table
Study the concept of Relative Atomic Mass
Understand the Concept of Mole
How To Write Chemical Equations
What is Chemical formula
Learn the Concept of Empirical Formula and Molecular formula
How Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula is Found Experimentally
Learn Water of Crystallization
How to Calculate Reacting Masses
What are Molar Solutions
Understand Concept of Ion Formation
Learn Concept Of Ionic Bonding
Learn Concept of Oxidation and Reduction
Learn Concept of Giant Ionic Structure
How Covalent Bonding Arises
Understand Giant Covalent Structures
Learn Concept of metallic Crystals
Learn Concept of Electrolytes and Non-electrolytes
Understand the Intrdution of Electrolysis and Applied Examples
Learn Half Equations/Reactions

Course Detail

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  • Movie duration: 2h
  • Number of lessons: 7 Section and 26 lectures
  • Language of instruction: English + .srt
  • size: 498 MB


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