Download Mercury 3.10.1 Crystal Structure Visualisation

Mercury software download with crack and license is crystal structure visualisation, exploration and analysis made Easy in chemistry and physics. Mercury database  includes a wide range of tools for 3D structure visualization, the exploration of crystal packing and the statistical analysis of CSD search data.

Mercury software is firmly established as the visualiser of choice within the crystallographic community. Mercury provides an extensive array of options to aid the investigation and analysis of crystal structures.

Key features of Mercury software:

  • Generate packing diagrams, define and visualise Miller planes, and take slices through a crystal in any direction
  • Build and explore networks of intermolecular contacts to gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of structures and identify the key interactions that drive crystal packing.
  • Display space-group symmetry elements
  • Calculate and display voids (free space in crystal structures) based either on contact surface or solvent accessible surface
  • Perform molecule-based gas phase calculations via an interface to MOPAC
  • Calculate intermolecular potentials and display e.g. the strongest user-defined interactions in the crystal structure
  • View Bravais, Friedel, Donnay and Harker (BFDH) theoretical crystal morphologies
Mercury  software detailses:
  • Operating System:    Windows
  • File Size:    168 MB
  • Active:      with licence
  • Licence Type:   Single User
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