Download Microfabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Polymers

 Microfabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Polymers pdf download introduces readers to interfacial reactions in confinement on stimuli-responsive homopolymer and diblock copolymer films. It also includes investigations concerning the immobilization of (bio)molecules and the fabrication of biomolecular patterns by reactive microcontact printing on these reactive polymer films.

microfabrication process In turn, the book takes advantage of the microphase separation of diblock copolymer films to study the fabrication of nanopatterns, which could contribute to the future development of a model system that allows us to area-selectively deposit and address (bio)molecules. Given its scope, the book broadens readers’ perspective on the microfabrication of stimuli-responsive polymers.

eBook details

  • Author (s): Chuanliang Feng, Xiaoqiu Dou, Yibin Xu
  • Year of publication: 2021
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 9813368683, 9789813368682
  • Number of pages: 194 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 7.73 MB
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