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Minitab software full crack  version product key download is a statistical quality control software suitable for Six Sigma and quality improvement projects. This software is known as one of the specialized statistical software for quality control, work on numbers and analysis of raw data and is used in many large and small industrial units and can be used by it in chemistry.

Analyzed statistical data to design experiments. It also performed some operations, such as generating random numbers that follow specific statistical distributions such as the normal distribution, K2, Gamma, F, Bernoulli, Poisson, beta, Weibel, and so on.
In fact, Minitab software (mini-tab) is one of the most important statistical software that has special capabilities in some fields of statistics, including the application of statistics in industry and economics.
Time series analyzes are presented with more breadth and accuracy in this software.

The topic of statistical quality control (SPC), which links the field of statistics to the industry and the category of quality control, is also one of the statistical topics that are discussed in detail in this software. Also, factor schemes and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are fully considered.
In addition, due to the features of this software, in many cases, it is used to analyze time series and implement ARMA and ARIMA models.

Key features of Minitab software:

  • – Ability to enter input data very easily
  • – Simulation of random data based on different distributions
  • – Estimation of points and distances and their statistics
  • – Graphic methods to describe the data
  • Hypothesis tests based on information available from communities
  • – Full coordination with other software, including Microsoft Office Excel
  • Explanatory statistics and distribution of discrete and continuous probabilities
  • – Performing very simple basic analyzes such as: average, median, standard division and
  • – View simple Distributed data distributions with graphs
  • – Ability to calculate the correlation coefficient between different variables
  • – Extensive possibility of drawing different charts (Charts) in BAR column types, circular PIE, etc. in a wide variety of colors
  • – Pareto diagram, fish bone diagram, cause and effect diagram, sequence diagram, multivariate diagram, symmetric diagram
  • – Drawing and analyzing control charts, Six Sigma, SPC, MSA
  • – Draw three-dimensional diagrams
  • – Performing statistical quality control analysis

Minitab software detail:

  • Supported Operating system: Windows 10 or 11 x64
  • File Size: 260 MB
  • Crack: full crack ( unlimited system)
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