Download MOLCAS 8.0 ab initio Quantum Chemistry Software

Molcas is an ab initio quantum chemistry software package developed by scientists to be used by scientists. The basic philosophy is is to be able to treat general electronic structures for molecules consisting of atoms from most of the periodic table. As such, the primary focus of the package is on multiconfigurational methods with applications typically connected to the treatment of highly degenerate states and MOLCAS contains a number of codes that can perform such calculations (MP2, CC, CPF, DFT etc).

Key aspects of Molcas:

  • Fast, accurate, and robust code
  • Free support and updates

The Package Contain Molcas

  • Molcas 8.0 OpenSUSE 13.1
  • Molcas 8.0 14.09.21 Ubuntu 12.04
  •  Molcas 8.0 15.06.18 CentOS 7.0

MOLCAS software details:

  • Supported operating systems:
  • File size: 137 MB
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