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NanoScope Analysis software download is a program package for analyzing SPM data (images, ramp data, HSDC, etc.) collected using Bruker SPMs in chemistry and biochemistry. Nanoscope analysis has a professional technology for analyzing engineering models and analytical images, and can put optical image AFM on software to perform data research, with 19 analytical solutions built into, including 2D analysis, 3D analysis, particle analysis, patterned sample analysis, electrochemical SPM analysis, which can help users provide clearer data analysis solutions when studying optical data; Supports specification analysis in different regions, can be based on time analysis, curves and high-level analysis, and can save the results of graphical data as model data.

NanoScope Analysis is an atomic force microscope companion data processing software mainly suitable for professional experimenters, users can use this software to analyze and process pictures, the software provides practical image processing and analysis, practical cursor analysis, color table editing, linear verification and other functions.

Features for NanoScope Analysis 1.80

  • Contact Resonance offline analysis
  • Renaming/re-organizing some existing Analysis Functions
  • Adding the ability to analyze hold-time data for Force Volume view
  • Adding the Script Data function to visualize multi-segment data.
  • Adding Hold Analysis function to analyze and curve-fit a hold-time data.
  • Update MATLAB utilities:
    1. The Installer:

a) New, stand-alone installer, which is independent of and does not require installation of NanoScope Analysis
b) Allows the user to install either (or both) a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version of the Bruker AFM Matlab Toolbox, corresponding to 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Matlab

2. Several new file types/analyses are supported:

  • Display HSDC Data vs. time – multiple channels
  • Display Force curve and Hold data
  • Display FV Image, Hold, and FV curves – multiple channels
  • Display SPM Image, multiple channels
  • Display single segment, multiple channels
  • Display a NanoDrive image
  • Display all segments, multiple channels
  • Plots have more descriptive labels and annotation and are positioned more usefully
  • Examples files have been added for newly supported file types and names have been made more descriptive.

NanoScope Analysis software details

  • File size: 180 MB
  • Operating system: windows x64
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