Download NBO 6.0 Natural Bond Orbital Win/Linux/Mac

NBO Natural Bond Orbital software download  for  windows, linux and macOS working with gaussian nbo visualization chemical concepts and complex wave functions in chemistry. The new version of the program is designed to work with natural algorithms and solve chemical patterns and electron exchanges by solving the Schrodinger equation for the electron wave function. NBO  is the current version of the broad suite of ‘natural’ algorithms for optimally expressing numerical solutions of Schrödinger’s wave equation in the chemically intuitive language of Lewis-like bonding patterns and associated resonance-type ‘donor-acceptor’ interactions.

NBOs were in fact predicted by Pauli to understand the concepts of orbital transplantation. Unlike the classic concepts that deal with the atomic circuit system and work with equations in which the derivatives of electric charge appear, this software uses the beautiful concepts of quantum phase and… that give us more accurate answers according to experience. They work. This software is a comprehensive program and compatible with a variety of conditions that can be used for advanced analysis. With the advanced algorithms in this program, you can save a lot of your time and time. Natural Bond Orbital works perfectly in one piece of electrical structures with precision.

Key Features of  (NBO) Natural Bond Orbital software:

  • Quantitative Accuracy
  • Firm Mathematical Foundations
  • Intuitive Interpretations of Structural, Spectroscopic and Reactivity Properties
  • Teachable Explanations for General Audiences
  • Illustrative Graphics
  • NBO Translates Accurate Calculations Into Chemical Insights
  • Convex-Optimized NRT
  • Natural Polyelectron Population Analysis (NPEPA)
  • 2nd-Order Reduced Density Matrix Properties (RDM2)
  • Resonance NBOs (RNBOs)
  • NEDA for Gaussian
  • and more
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