Download Olex2 v1.3.0 Crystallography Software

Olex2 software download crack and license Shelx, platon, superflip is included is an immensely powerful Crystallography Software in chemistry. Olex² is a simple to use Crystallographic program containing numerous tools for the structure analysis and publication, including Fourier maps and voids calculation and visualisation, space group determination, calculation of esd’s for almost any possible geometrical parameters, CIF translation to HTML and other documents, hydrogen atom placement and many others.

Key features of Olex2 software

  • Stereo visualisation in chemistry
  • Full history of the structure – from solution – to the refinement
  • Structure analysis – pi-pi and other interactions, easy s.u. (esd) on many geometrical parameters calculation
  • Own olex2.refine structure refinement module
  • Seamless integration with Shelxl – switch between Shelxl and olex2.refine in no time
  • Integration with Platon software – every knowledge Platon has is unlocked
  • Multi-platform Windows-Linux-Mac (thanks to wxWidgets)
  • Superflip GUI, ShelXT, Sir and other structure solution programs at the push of the button
  • Postscript and bitmap (jpg, png etc) output to high resolution
  • Advanced tools for disorder modelling using rigid body refinemet
  • Structure reports (and CIF) – by managing metadata are always up to date even after a new structure solution!
  • Electron density maps (and they are live for contour maps)
  • Numerous drawing styles, including a few of predefined
  • Customisable main Menu and the GUI toolbar
  • Embedded Python and macro binding to the command line or interface elements
Details of  Olex2  software:
  • File Size: 186 MB Win+ 85.7 MB Linux
  • Operating System: Windows-Linux (x86.x64)
  • Windows version 1.3.0 and Linux version 1.2
  • included: Shelx, platon, superflip
  • Crack: Full Version + Serial
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