Download Optiwave OptiSystem 18.0.0 + Crack

Optiwave Optisystem 18.0 with crack download comprehensive software that enables users to design, test and simulate optical links. Optical links are located in the transmission layer of modern optical networks. This software works based on real modeling of fiber optic communication systems, which has a comprehensive and complete graphical user interface (GUI).

Optisystem allows the user to design any type of optical link in the physical layer to analyze a wide range of optical networks such as local area networks (LAN), metropolitan area (MAN) and long-haul networks (Long-Haul). The software has an extensive library of optical network examples and osd files that can be used as project templates. This software and RSoft OptSim software are very powerful in the field of telecommunication systems

In optical telecommunication systems, due to working with nonlinear elements and the effect of nonlinear noise, accurate and specific analysis is required, in which Optysystem software is very suitable for designing, testing and optimizing any optical link with wideband systems. In addition, this software with its powerful simulation enables design revisions in order to optimize optical systems.

Key Features of Optiwave OptiSystem software:

  • OPTICA Virtual Technology Showcase
  •  Photonic Crystal Fiber Supercontinuum Generation
  •  The Pseudo Random Bit Sequence Generator
  • The Ideal Multiplexer
  • physical layer of the network
  • Speed and low cost system design
  • Global definitions of system performance
    Easy access to a wide range of telecommunication system specifications
  • Automatic scanning and optimization of system parameters
  • Investigation of parametric sensitivity to reduce system design error
  • Significant reduction of risk and investment time in bringing the system to market
  • Design of optical telecommunication devices from components to the system level in the physical layer of the network
  • CATV or TDM / WDM network design
  • Passive optical networks based on FTTx
  • FSO and ROF devices
  • SONET / SDH loop design
  • Transmitter, channel, amplifier and receiver design
  • Dispersion map design

Optisystem software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File Size: 580 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack (unlimited time)
  • Activation with a license
  • License type: single user
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