Download Oracle Crystal Ball v11. + Crack

Oracle Crystal Ball download crack and licese code software 64 bit and 32 bit for innovative predictive analysis suite built by Oracle for financial analysts, strategic planners, marketing managers, scientists, venture capitalists, six sigma professionals, consultants, CPAs, engineers, and other professionals who utilize spreadsheets to predict uncertain results.

Oracle Crystal Ball is a powerful predictive analytics software built on spreadsheet technology for ease of use. It’s an innovative solution that plays a critical role in resource allocation, cost estimation, supply chain management, project selection, strategic financial analysis, capacity planning, sales forecasting and more across numerous industries.

Features of Oracle Crystal Ball software

  • Capability metrics
  • Category publish and subscribe
  • Monte Carlo simulation, analysis tools, and reports
  • Correlation and fitting
  • Crystal Balls tools
  • CB predictor
  • CB predictor developer kits
  • OptQuest
  • OptQuest developer kit
  • Enterprise integration
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