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PetraSim software from Thunderhead Engineering full crack download a set of software codes to create multidimensional numerical models to simulate the transport of water, steam, gas, heat, etc. in a porous and broken environment. Developed at LBNL Laboratories, it is now used by universities, government agencies, and the private sector for programs such as nuclear waste disposal, environmental regeneration, energy generation from geothermal, oil and gas reservoirs, carbon sequestration, and other community issues.

It is widely used in thermal, hydrological, geochemical and mechanical processes. PetraSim provides users with the TOUGH family of code in the form of software with a graphical interface, which allows analysts and researchers to focus on the model by automatically processing complex details of inputs and simulation results. Users can use this program to create a variety of 3D models and meshes and analyze in a dynamic environment.

This software receives all CAD data and geological simulations and produces quality animations as soon as possible along with the results of the processing. This software is one of the best of its kind for modeling multiphase currents with different temperatures in porous environments, which is used by many experts, researchers and environmental engineers.

The TOUGH codes have been developed for many different Equations of State (EOS). Each equation of state describes a different set of components.
For example, EOS3 describes water and air which can exist in single or two-phase conditions and can be used for groundwater or geothermal applications. EOS7C includes methane-carbon dioxide or methane-nitrogen gas mixtures. Applications include subsurface geologic carbon sequestration sites and natural gas reservoirs. The components modeled include water, brine, non-condensible gas (CO2 or N2), gas tracer, methane, and heat.

Key features of PetraSim software:

  • – 3D simulation and display of fully interactive results
  • – Build or import three-dimensional models
  • – Support for TOSGH EOS options
  • – Support for multiple meshing options
  • – Complete collection of TOUGH family in a comprehensive and graphic environment
  • – Display results seamlessly with options such as dates, vectors and contour designs
  • – Organize inputs with mathematical and practical relationships for easier understanding by the user

PetraSim software details:

  • Operating system: Windows x64-x86
  • File size: 218 MB
  • Crack: Full crack (unlimited system)
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