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ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics (ProPhyPlus) download crack computational software to obtain thermophysical properties and fuzzy equilibrium of pure compounds and mixtures that are widely used in various fields of engineering, especially chemistry. By using this software and entering your desired compounds and defining the environmental conditions, you can find many properties of the material such as thermal conductivity, viscosity, density, common thermodynamic constants, specific heat capacity, vapor pressure, melting temperature, boiling temperature and many properties. Get the other one in seconds.

Key features of ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics (ProPhyPlus) software:

  •  Quick calculation of the properties of pure compounds and mixtures
  • Ability to define special conditions such as specific temperature
  • Calculate enthalpy, entropy and heat of reaction
  •  Investigation and prediction of chemical reactions
  •  Has a comprehensive database of compounds
  •  Calculate many thermodynamic properties
  •  Ability to convert units to each other
  •  Suitable output for Excel or MATLAB
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