Download REFPROP 9 Reference Fluid Thermodynamic

REFPROP software full crack download is a NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The NIST REFPROP database provides the most accurate thermophysical property models for a variety of industrially important fluids and fluid mixtures, including accepted standards. It has proven to be an extremely useful tool used by industry, government, and academia, and it is a primary method for the dissemination of work done by the Thermophysical Properties of Fluids Group.

REFPROP is a computer software, distributed through the Standard Reference Data program of NIST, that provides thermophysical properties of pure fluids and mixtures over a wide range of fluid conditions including liquid, gas, and supercritical phases. It contains critically evaluated mathematical models, with the goal of representing the properties to within the uncertainty of the underlying experimental data used in their development. These properties (such as density, vapor pressure, viscosity, enthalpy, etc.)

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