Download AqQA v1.5.0 Hydrochemical Analysis

AqQA software crack download from RockWare a tools for Hydrochemical Analysis and includes modules on point mapping, construction of isolines, surfaces (including volumetric), modeling of vertical sections of wells, construction of stratigraphic scales, graphs, diagrams, statistical and hydrochemical analysis, transformation of projections, three-dimensional data representation.

AqQA is software for water analyses: unit conversion, ion balance, sample mixing, basic fluid properties calculations, water chemistry diagrams (Piper, Stiff), and more. Imagine you could keep the results of your chemical analyses in a spreadsheet developed especially for the purpose.

Key features of AqQA software:

  • Automatic unit conversion within the program
  • Mixing the sample during the simulation process
  • Determine the balance of anions and cations using the Ion Balance diagram
  • Determination of chemical properties of water using Piper diagram
  • Determine the type of water using the Stiff diagram
  • Calculation of main properties of liquids (measurement of soluble solids, density measurement, etc.)
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