Download Schlumberger FracCADE v7.0

Schlumberger FracCADE software full crack download is a software for evaluating and designing forking, which is designed and developed as a valid forking simulator and based on proven physical principles and laws in the field of hydraulic failure (hydraulic forking) to be better in drilling projects. Took action.

The software includes tools for real-time monitoring, pressure matching and redesign. The software also has the ability to work with data, integrate and filter it, as well as report. FracCADE simulates hydraulic failure operations using well / rift and reservoir data and fluid characteristics, and also calculates rift length, width and navigability in 2D and 3D models.

Key features of Schlumberger FracCADE software:

  • – Simulation of propane and acidic fracking
  • – Simulation of hydraulic fissures of wells
  • – Calculate vertical, damaged or horizontal gaps
  • – Simulate and examine open and covered cavities
  • – Identify candidates for gap simulation
  • – Geometric description of the gap (KGD, PKN, radial, MLF-P3D)
  • – Optimization of fluid and propane behavior
  • – Pumping schedules
  • – Production forecast and economic evaluation
  • – Provide accurate simulations and predictions
  • – Real-time analysis
  • Identify candidates for fracture stimulation
  • – Optimize treating fluids and proppants, pumping schedules, production forecast, and economic evaluation
  • – Receive accurate stimulations and predictions
  • – Get fully integrated real-time monitoring
  • – Comprehensive post-treatment analysis and interpretation

Schlumberger FracCADE software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 99 MB
  • crack: Full crack
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