Download Schlumberger Petrel 2018.2 + Crack

Petrel software download crack license from Schlumberger company it is the most specialized software in the field of petroleum engineering, developed by the world oil giant, Schlumberger. This software is widely used in all fields of exploration, exploitation, reservoir production, drilling and oil storage in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. One of the features of this software is the new extension for storing and processing seismic data. Due to the high computation of seismic data process, very powerful computers are usually used for this purpose; But with the new solution of this software, the amount of RAM and CPU conflict is minimized and as a result, the user is able to use this software even on personal computers. Another key feature of this software is attention to reservoir management; In reservoir management, all engineering teams work together, and this software has the ability to access data from one module to another. Another feature of this software is its visual effects that make it easier to interpret and examine its parts.

Key features of Petrel software:

  • – Can be used in various fields of petroleum engineering
  • – Extensive application in the fields of exploration, exploitation, reservoir and drilling
  • – Ability to store and use data in the main data center
  • – Introducing a new extension for seismic data
  • – Insufficient use of system resources
  • – Professional management of the reservoir with an intelligent approach
  • – All software databases are related to each other
  • – Reducing the costs of setting up, repairing and maintaining industrial units
  • – Utilizing all the facilities of oil, gas and petrochemical units
  • – High compatibility with other software of the company
  • – Advanced output and reporting capabilities for organizational presentations

Schlumberger Petrel Software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • File size: 1.90 GB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
  • Installation and activation guide:: English
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