Download Schlumberger PIPESIM 2020.1.717 + Crack

PIPESIM software download full crack with KBC Multiflash from Schlumberger company is a specialized software for Chemical and mechanical engineering to simulate multiple multiphase flows in steady state. One of the most important challenges in fluid engineering is the transfer of fluids from wells and pipes to process equipment. Ensuring the correct operation of pipes and modeling fluid transfer is one of the key steps that should be considered in the design of an industrial unit. This software can help optimize designs by modeling processes in three stages of multiphase flow, fluid properties and heat transfer.

The main target audience of this software is petroleum engineers and petrochemical researchers who can take advantage of the extensive facilities of this program, can solve many challenges in the field of production or transfer of liquids. He mentioned this software in various fields such as production of oil products, water transmission lines, construction of water wells, and so on. Since the construction of wells or the design of fluid transmission lines requires various parameters such as pressure drop analysis, pipeline simulation, etc., engineers in this field use special simulators to anticipate many possible challenges and think of solutions for them.

Schlumberger PIPESIM is a set of simulation modules using advanced tools for the development, design and operation of wells, pipelines, field facilities and networks. Schlumberger PIPESIM provides simulation of steady multiphase flow for oil and gas production systems.


Key Features of Schlumberger PIPESIM software:

  • – Ability to simulate and calculate the pressure at the beginning of the lines
  • – Ability to calculate the temperature of fluids along the way
  • – Ability to simulate oil and gas production well columns
  • – Ability to model transmission pipelines
  • – Ability to guarantee the speed of fluid movement in a constant amount
  • modeling of multiphase stationary flow;
  • rapid conceptual research;
  • calculation of pipelines and technological equipment;
  • calculation of the required diameter of the pipeline;
  • research of model sensitivity and its optimization;
  • flow from high-precision thermohydraulic models;
  • analysis of the flow mode, the conditions for the appearance of hydrodynamic plugs and the consequences of cleaning with a scraper;
  • calculation of equipment sizes;
  • calculation of insulation characteristics;
  • calculation of well models included in the same model.
  • modeling of networks of collection of various fluids, discharge systems, main pipelines.
  • well modeling and calculation of pressure and temperature losses for the well.
  • modeling and calculation of various types of mixtures, including viscous and high-viscosity oils.
  • wide possibilities for automation, using Open Link technology.
Equipment models:
  • heating and cooling devices
  • Fittings
  • separators
  • multiphase pumps
  • compressors and expanders
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