Download Schlumberger Techlog 2015.3 x64

Techlog software full crack download one of the products of the large company and the well-known name is Schlumberger, whose task is to integrate all types of well-driven data in the oil industry into multidisciplinary workflows. The data obtained from the wells are complex, diverse and represent a significant investment.

It is essential that you take advantage of this investment, whether you are working on your first groundwater exploration or providing a comprehensive shale drilling program. Using the Techlog platform, you can bring all your well-centered data into a highly intuitive application for analysis. In addition to providing advanced modules for domain professionals, the Techlog platform provides a solid foundation for general users to review and analyze data, as well as support complex workflows in a variety of disciplines.

Key features of Techlog software:

  • – Use of advanced technology today
  • – Dynamically combine new site data for detailed analysis
  • – Receive data directly from the well for current processing
  • Availability in DELFI Cognitive E&P environment
  • – Support for the largest producer of gas and oil metering units in the world
  • – Widely used to process, interpret and prepare answers for you
  • – Maximize the value of any oil field measurements
  • – Maximize the value of complex data with detailed 3D concepts

Schlumberger Techlog software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows x64
  • File size: 623 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack ( unlimited system)
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