Download Scidot Math Science 6.2.7 + Crack Registration codes

Scidot Math Sciencefor Microsoft Word with full license and Activation key download. Scidot math-science crack registration code and scidot math science 6.2 7 keygen is a Microsoft Word  template that provide new tabs to the ribbon interface for Chemistry,Physics and Mathematics, in order to write documents for all kinds of educational purposes. You will find great and useful tools for writing your own worksheets.

Scidot Math Science Features


  • Button to open Word Equation Editor
  • Button to open a Simplified Equation Editor
  • Button to toggle between Word Equation Editor and Fields Codes
  • Button to display/hide Fields Code
  • Mathematical formatting using either Word Equation Editor or Fields Codes (button and
  • context menu)
  • Insert an angle, a vector, a fraction, a square (or multiple) root, text bordered with a frame, an arc, a conjugate, an algebraic measurement, cross out a text, simplify a fraction, insert a multiplication arrow, insert superscript and subscript simultaneously
  • Insert a matrix, calculator keys, delimitors (parenthesis, brackets, rounded brackets)
  • Insert a sum, a product, an integral sum, an arrangement, a combinaison (2 forms), a primitive form, a limit, a derivative, an union, an intersection, an equivalent
  • Insert set symbols R, N, Z, C, Q, F, D, +/-/* and most common symbols
  • Insert greek letters and cursives caps.


  • Creates electricity & electronic drawings that fit on a grid
  • More drawings in electromagnism, semi-conductors, pneumatics
  • Creates mechanical, optical, acoustical drawings
  • Oscilloscope screen editor: 4 inputs with pre-traced curves and function graphing
  • Optical bank: draw rays through one or two converging or diverging lenses ; common
  • optical objects (camera, atronomical lunette, eye…)
  • Spectrum: draw spectrum of emitting and absorbing rays of chemical elements, draw the light spectrum


  • Quick insertion of ions, atoms, Ox/Red, and Acido-basic couples (with constant)
  • 2D Chemistry glassware and lab-equipment
  • 3D Chemistry glassware and lab-equipment: usual titration and equipments
  • Pictograms, symbols of danger, and new symbols of danger
  • Compute molar mass, print chemical symbols
  • Draw evolution table of a chemical reaction
  • Graphs titration curves (pH-meter and conductimeter method), predominance diagrams and axes
  • Chemical reaction arrows
  • Chemical formula editor (molecular and structural)

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