Download Seequent Leapfrog Geo v5.1.4 x64

Leapfrog Geo software full crack download 3D modeling tool from Seequent is based on workflow. Its advanced implicit modeling engine eliminates the design language operation and allows you to build models directly from a variety of sources such as wells, points and surfaces. When you are adding different data, the models are dynamically updated to keep the final design up to date.

This will reduce the risk of making the wrong decisions and make the best decision at all times. The software also provides engineers with other capabilities such as numerical simulation and data visualization.

Using its powerful graphics engine, this software allows you to interpret and display millions of data points. With this software, you can run several projects at the same time, add geographic data without disturbing the order of the project. Produced, imported and edited various block models, and finally the ability to output all data in a variety of industry standard formats.

Entering information in this software is based only on 3D models and graphic images, and therefore information processing is done quickly and it takes a little time to prepare the data for display. The design features of this software are unique, from the precise design of corners, edges and the possibility of making models such as human vessels with the same twists and turns to designing wider models with irregular and regular surfaces.

One of the modeling features of this software is the study of anisotropic properties of materials. Volumetric extrapolation output, ISO levels (three-dimensional alignment line) and composites are other applications of the software. In addition to graphical capabilities, this software also has high computational features in computations and numerical simulations.

Key features of Leapfrog Geo software:

  • – Advanced geographic modeling software
  • – Three-dimensional implicit modeling
  • – Design and edit of block models
  • – Visualization and data analysis to find patterns
  • – Designing models based on rules and indexes
  • – Sparse, point-to-point and box data analysis
  • – Input of Isatis and UBC models
  • Assigning properties to blocks of numerical and geological models
  • – Three-dimensional output of various aspects of a model
  • – Sorting, marking and output of cross sections
  • – Output of models based on industry standards
  • – 3D data visualization and histogram analysis
  • – Compatibility with other Leapfrog software

Seequent Leapfrog Geo software details:

  • Supported operating system: Windows x64 (Recommended : Windows 10)
  • File Size: 284 MB
  • Crack: Full Cracked ( unlimited system)
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