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SnapGene software download crack for macOS and windows is the molecular biology software that is easier to use than pen and paper. With SnapGene, annotating features in a DNA sequence is easy. The SnapGene format matches GenBank standards but adds options such as color, directionality, and segments. Coding sequences are translated so that you can visualize codons, track amino acid numbering, and check reading frames for gene fusions. Features can be imported from another file, or automatically annotated from a customizable list.

This software is the first tool to simulate DNA synthesis. In fact, by selecting pieces of DNA, you can simulate their connections. This software compared to other similar software in this field has useful and advanced features and capabilities, the most important of which we will review below.

1. Gibson Assembly Method: Gibson Assembly is a molecular matching method that enables you to join several pieces of DNA together in an isothermal reaction. Many researchers convert this method to plasmids without the use of restriction enzymes. In fact, the DNA fragments are connected to the Interfere by PCR.

2. Polymerase chain reaction and mutagenesis: After designing a primer for PCR, they can be used for conventional tagging or PCR cloning, PCR amplification or mutagenesis. The generated DNA sequence file can be used immediately for further manipulation.

3. Automatic Documentation: Automatically record all steps in the simulation project. Each time you edit or simulate a sequence, all steps are automatically recorded in the graphical history. After simulating the structure of DNA, you can use this history as an experimental protocol.

4. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis: Create advanced agarose simulations using an advanced algorithm. Finite elements can be displayed in three formats: simulated gels, numeric lists, and sequence maps. You can use this simulated gel for diagnostic purposes or to compare the image with the forecast pattern.

Key features of SnapGene software:

  • Share and view digital DNA made in the laboratory
  • Simulation of DNA composition and their connections with each other
  • Conversion of Gibson Assembly to Plasmids without the use of restriction enzymes
  •  Using a primer model for PCR cloning, mutagenesis and PCR amplification
  • Record the entire history of DNA structure simulation
  • Making real Agarose Gel simulations
  •  Display Agarose Gel simulations in numerical lists and sequence maps
  • DNA Visualization
  • Large Sequence Support
  • Protein Visualization
  • Intuitive Sequence Editing
  • Sequence Color Coding
  • Feature Annotation
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