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Stability and Applications of Coordination Compounds pdf download and this book will achieve its target of supplementing the community of researchers and readers working in the field of coordination chemistry.
In the current era of incessant developing needs for the betterment and ease in living style for humans, technology is seeking upgraded, well structured materials for utilization in various fields of human-wellness such as medication, energy, environment protection and cleaning, food security etc. In the same direction, chemists are doing very well at synthesizing compounds and materials from different groups of chemicals.

Among them, coordination compounds also play a key role in serving humanity as these compounds have a wide range of applications in health care from antimicrobial to anticancer, bioengineering, bio-mimetic models, catalysis, photosensitized materials etc. Along with development of stable coordination compounds, their extensive structural studies are also in the main line of work for researchers.


  • 1.Crystal Structure and Solid-State Properties of Metal Complexes of the Schiff Base Ligands Derived from Diacetylmonoxime: A Brief Review
  • 2.Stability of Metal Complexes
  • 3.Stability Constants of Metal Complexes in Solution
  • 4.Chiral Mono- and α-Diimines and Their Pd(II) Complexes with Anticancer Activity
  • 5.Stability of Vanadium Chalcone Complexes
  • 6.Schiff Bases and Their Metallic Derivatives: Highly Versatile Molecules with Biological and Abiological Perspective
  • 7.Salen and Related Ligands
  • 8.Ligands and Coordination Compounds Used as New Photosensitized Materials for the Construction of Solar Cells
  • 9.Coordination States and Catalytic Performance of Ti in Titanium Silicalite-1

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  • Author (s): Abhay Nanda Srivastva
  • Year of publication: 2020
  • Publisher:  ITExLi 
  • Writing language: English
  • ISBN: 1838800581, 9781838800581, 1838800573, 9781838800574
  • Number of pages: 155 pages
  • Book format: PDF
  •  File size: 3.62 MB
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