Download Stata/MP v17.0 x64

Stata/MP 17 software full version crack license key download it is a multipurpose statistical program that widely used by academics in chemistry and engineering sciences and academic institutions around the world. Most of the users of this software are researchers who are engaged in research in the fields of economics, sociology, political science and branches of medical and chemical science.

Its features include data management, statistical analysis, graph drawing, simulation and programming as desired. The word Stata is a combination of two words, Statistics and Data, and its pronunciation is usually not in a special way. Steta often emphasizes a scripted interface, where commands must be written in text to be executed in the software, because he believes this method increases speed.

This software is offered in five editions, which are:

  • Stata/MP: The fastest program editor for computers with dual or multi-core processors
  • Stata/SE: For large databases
  • Stata/IC: A basic editing program for medium-sized databases
  • Small Stata: A student edition for small databases
  • Numerics by Stata: web and online version of the program

Key features of Stata software:

  • – Data management
  • – Programming ability
  • – Statistical Analysis
  • – Graphical and graphical display of data
  • – Saving data as a spreadsheet
  • – Ability to import information from Excel software
  • – Ability to read data in ASCII format (ASCII)
  • – Simple user interface to increase the speed of the application
  • – The possibility of simulating data

Stata software details:

  • Supported OS: windows 10 x64 or Windows 11
  • File Size: 892 MB
  • Crack: full crack (unlimited system)
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