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Talete Dragon software for molecular descriptors in QSAR chemistry. Dragon Chemistry software for calculating and extracting descriptors and molecular descriptors that is able to calculate more than 1400 descriptors that are divided into 18 main groups. In addition to calculating the simplest type of atoms and functional groups and counting components, a large number of topological and geometric descriptors can also be calculated by this software.

To run this software, molecular structure files created by molecular modeling software, such as Hyperchem, are required. Most molecular files with common formats are acceptable in this software. To make better use of the calculations of this software, three-dimensional optimization of structures with their hydrogens should be used. Note that Dragon software is not designed as a QSPR / QSAR software, ie it can only display molecular descriptors and does not perform any QSPR / QSAR analysis. However, Dragon provides a complete output file that can be easily used by any correlation analysis software to perform QSPR / QSAR studies.

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