Download Tecplot 360 EX 2021 R2 m1 x64 with Tecplot Chorus

Tecplot 360 EX software full crack download one of the powerful tools for plotting data is in the field of CFD, which is widely used in the field of mechanical engineering of heat and fluid orientation. Applications of this software include numerical simulation with 360 degree display, data analysis and calculation of network values, extraction of flow field functions such as pressure coefficient, solution solution integration and estimation of its accuracy.

Tecplot Focus allows engineers to easily design their plots using different levels and lines and compare data with exactly what they want. Analyzing and reviewing complex data sets, organizing multidimensional plots, reviewing results with colleagues, and finally producing high quality output are some of the capabilities of this software.

Tecplot RS enables engineers to have more confidence in managing and analyzing simulated data, as well as discovering reservoir model behavior in order to make important and practical decisions. This software has provided advanced tools in the field of calculations, three-dimensional drawing and model animation in the field of fluid dynamics for engineers and students.

Key features of Tecplot software:

  • – Production of parts automatically
  • – Calculate network values ​​and normal data
  • – Analysis of flow solution data processing
  • – Data analysis
  • – Create high quality graphs and vectors and display the output in a checkerboard pattern
  • – Extraction of flow field functions such as pressure coefficient
  • – Providing professional tools in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • – Calculate network values ​​and normal data
  • – Numerical simulation with 360 degree display
  • – Analyze data and calculate network values
  • – Investigating the convergence of the solution and estimating its accuracy
  • – Extraction of flow field functions such as pressure coefficient
  • – Making animated images
  • – Production of high quality output
  • – Display the error rate in laboratory data using a graph
  • – Drawing all kinds of accurate and complex XY, 2D and 3D diagrams and shapes
  • – Remove an object in the liquid and watch it
  • – Use of macros and automation

Tecplot 360 EX software detail:

  • Operating system: Windows x64 -Linux x64
  • Build: Build 2021.2.1.9698
  • Crack: Full crack ( unlimited system)
  • File size: 381 MB + 409 MB
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