Download Tesseral Pro v5.1.0

Tesseral Pro software full crack download Tesseral Technologies is a complete and advanced version of Tesseral 2D software. This software is specialized for wave modeling (Full wave modeling) and optical navigation (Ray-tracing) in oil and gas fields.

This software is able to analyze geological and geophysical data by interactive analysis and investigation of velocity-depth models of oil and gas fields. Working with the software is very simple and in a few clicks you can quickly enter your model into the software. From seismic models to prepared maps, all can be entered into the software.

This software allows you to prepare speed-depth models from oil well data and map geological surfaces in two and three dimensions. You can also analyze seismic maps and perform two-and-a-half-dimensional calculations from synthesized two-dimensional models. This software provides you with a thin layer with high accuracy with modeling capabilities that includes all your geological information.

Key features of Tesseral Pro software:

  • – Object-oriented modeling with optical tracking tools and interactive analysis
  • Estimation of velocity-depth models for oil and gas fields
  • – Enter all geological and geophysical data for more detailed analysis
  • Construction of velocity-depth models based on oil well data and surface maps
  • – Data input from geological surfaces and two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic models
  • – Calculation of synthesized data from two-dimensional models with two and a half dimensional calculations
  • – Construction of thin layer model with high accuracy with the ability to model from well data
  • – Add information such as well coordinates, elevation, stereographic equilibria and failure
  • – 3D illustration of designed models with 2D analysis and data extrapolation

Tesseral Pro software detail:

  • Operating system: windows
  • File size: 8.3 MB
  • Crack: full crack ( unlimited system)
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