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The Comprehensive Course to Become Professional in Gas Chromatography Techniques Fondamentales of chromatography gas chromatography techniques how to properly maintain your GC instrument. Chromatography is a main technique in modern analytical chemistry.

As you know, chromatography is a broad science that brings several techniques and requires certain skills. In order to take advantage of this analytical technique that sits be it your field, chemistry, quality control, pharmacology, environment etc…my program is currently the only one in the udemy platform that offers this opportunity .

This program is designed step by step to facilitate students’ proper learning of gas chromatography by:

Learning the fundamentals of chromatography in general.
Understanding the instrument process.
Knowig GC instrument and its compounds.

Having the necessary tools to perform analyses using gas chromatography (identification and quantification of chemical elements, chemical derivatization, the use of software etc.)

Mastering the basic techniques to maintain GC system (change of column, change of syringe, change of glass tube etc.)

The course is intended for:

Students (chemistry, bilogy, pharmacology, environment, petroleum and chemical industry etc).
laboratory operators.
Scientific researchers
Technical sales.
technical sales engineers

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