Download The Unscrambler X v10.4 x86/x64

The Unscrambler X software crack download contains a powerful tool for performing a variety of standard multivariate data analyzes. This software is a powerful assistant for all data analysts, researchers and engineers around the world who need to analyze multivariate data quickly and accurately on large data sets. Entering data into this software is very simple and only by dragging and dropping Excel files, etc., data can be imported into its environment. In addition, various regression methods and data classification such as PCA, MCR, PCR, MLR, PLS-R, L-PLS, LDA, PLS-DA, SIMCA, etc can be used.

Key features of The Unscrambler X software:

  • – Powerful multivariate data analysis
  • – Advanced classification and regression methods
  • – Enter data with Drag & Drop
  • – Ability to pre-process data
  • – Fast processing of large data sets
  • – Consistent and flexible architecture
  • – User friendly graphical interface
  • – Advanced experimental designs

The Unscrambler X software details:

  • Operating system: Windows x86.x64
  • File Size: 190 MB
  • Crack: Full Crack
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