Download Thermo Fisher Grams Suite 9.2

Thermo Fisher Grams Suite GRAMS/AI™  software download Spectroscopy software suite has been the premier solution for visualising, processing and managing spectroscopy data. grams suite crack The GRAMS Suite is comprised of a collection of complementary and fully integrated applications and modules centered on the core GRAMS/AI spectroscopy .

By using Grams Suite software suite and comprehensive libraries of forensic information, food, polymers, organic chemistry, etc. that it provides you, in addition to increasing the efficiency of your laboratory, you can analyze and process data. Speed ​​up a lot. This set includes three applications as follows:

GRAMS / AI: The core of the GRAMS Suite suite, which is comprehensive software for processing, visualizing, and reporting a variety of data from spectroscopy tools, including hyphenated techniques. The unique capabilities embedded in this software make it a comprehensive and standard software for working with spectroscopy data.

GRAMS IQ: is a multivariate graphical analysis tool for quantitative calibration as well as qualitative models for discriminant analysis because by linking quantitative and qualitative methods, a complete spectral model of the samples can be provided. This software is a complete solution for analysts looking to apply chemometric calibration in the laboratory and on the production line.

GRAMS Envision: A Microsoft .NET-based tool that provides the power to convert and support the GRAMS Suite suite of more than 20 different formats, including LIMS, eLN, XML, and more. In addition, with this software, it has the capacity to host plugins and modules.

Key features of GRAMS Suite software:

  • – Suitable for all types of processing and spectral analysis
  • – Supports more than 20 types of spectral data formats
  • – Ability to visualize data
  • – Fast data processing and analysis
  • – Making a variety of qualitative and quantitative models
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