Download Thermo Fisher Scientific PerGeos 2023.2 x64

Thermo Fisher Scientific PerGeos software full crack download is a unique solution for Digital Rock Analysis trusted by Oil & Gas peers. Its visualization, processing, and analysis of 2D and 3D digital rock imagery enables improved evaluation of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production.

Rock core plug analysis using X-ray computed tomography

  • -Using whole-core X-ray CT and micro-CT plug data: Understand lamination. Analyze core and heterogeneity logs. Measure fracture density and orientation. Characterize the pore space.
  • -Segment pores, clays, and grains. Run accurate grain size and shape analysis. Perform advanced porosity calculation and pore size distribution analysis.
  • -This allows geological and petrophysical properties to be numerically obtained with confidence since all scales of the pore space can be analyzed and interpreted to calculate properties such as global porosity or relative permeability.

Digital rock analysis with focused ion beam milling

  • -Focused Ion Beam coupled with Scanning Electron Microscopy systems (FIB-SEMs) are invaluable tools that produce high-resolution imagery of nanoporous structures of tight reservoirs and for multi-scale analysis.
  • -Using FIB/-SEM image data: Quantify pores, clays, organic matter, grains. Perform 3D pore-space characterization. Analyze organic versus mineral porosity. Run 3D size and shape analysis on grains.

Scanning electron microscopy for geological thin section analysis

  • -Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) systems allow geologists to capture high-quality images of thin sections of rocks.
  • -Using SEM thin sections: Perform petrography workflows. Run grains size and shape analysis, pore-space characterization. Get high-resolution mineralogy information.
  • -Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software is a comprehensive Digital Rock Analysis solution that provides geologists with advanced analytical tools to better evaluate the reservoir quality.

Thermo Fisher Scientific PerGeos software details:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10 & 11 x64
  • File size: 2.9 GB
  • Crack: Full crack (unlimited system)
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