Download Udemy Basic Concepts of Physical Chemistry

 Udemy Basic concepts of physical chemistry course free download. in this course Students will learn about Thermochemistry and tudents will learn about basic concepts of physical chemistry with easy tricks.

Are you beginner ? do you like chemistry ? do you think chemistry is tough ? do you want to learn chemistry with easy way. Having troubles to clear chemistry concepts ? do yo want high grads in chemistry ? . I Have answer for your all questions. Now its time to avail this course . This course is designed for students at beginner, bachelor and master level. After watching course students will be able to clear physical chemistry basic concepts and also learn with tricky easy way.

  • Introduction to Thermochemistry
  • Types of reactions
  • Energy units
  • The heat of the reactions
  • Heat of formation
  • The heat of neutralized reaction
  • Bonding Energy

Course details

  • Number of lessons: 8 lessons
  • Movie duration: 33 minutes
  • Movie format: MP4 1280 × 720
  • Teaching language: English
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