Download VEGA ZZ + Activation Code

VEGA ZZ software download with activation code is molecular modelling suite for drug design laboratory that includes several features to make your research jobs very easy. This software has the ability to calculate the ligand-reception interaction energy, conformer search, secondary structure prediction.

In this application you can label atoms (atom name, element, atom type, number of atoms, chirality, fixed value, residual, residual name, residual number) as well as levels can be by atom, residue, chain, Sections, molecules, surface IDs are drawn. The color gradient used in the property color mode can be customized by the user specifying the number and type of color.

Key features of VEGA ZZ software:

  • Molecular mechanics provided by AMMP: energy minimization and more
  • 3D graphic features for 3D molecule view
  • Conformational search: grid scan, random search and Boltzmann jump
  • Molecular dynamics provided by NAMD
  • Analysis of molecular dynamics trajectory
  • Cluster analysis of the molecular dynamics
  • Structure based virtual screening (GriDock/AutoDock, AutoDock Vina and PLANTS).
  • Protein-protein and protein-DNA docking


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