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X’Pert HighScore Plus software database crack download XRD diffraction test is used to identify and determine the structure of materials, corrosion products, coatings, etc. X-ray spectroscopy (XRD) was initially used to study the crystal structure of powder samples; Therefore, it is traditionally called X-ray powder diffraction. HighScore software provides users with a comprehensive and user-friendly set of tools needed to detect and analyze the X-ray diffraction pattern (XRD for X-ray diffraction).
This software is one of the software products of PANalytical company (one of the leading manufacturers of XRD devices), which has been able to meet the needs of many researchers around the world by providing the possibility of accurate analysis of results.
HighScore is widely used to control the research and development process as well as to identify the Powder Diffraction Pattern. Fuzzy identification of materials (fuzzy), computational and analytical form of X-ray diffraction patterns, structure determination, crystallite size, residual stress, including calculation of subsurface area, lattice constancy, determination of constituent phases and investigation of different phases in terms of structural shape, angle and Peak intensity, crystallographic analysis and some structural calculations are other applications of this software.

Key features of HighScore software:

  • Detection and analysis of X-ray diffraction pattern
  • Ideal software for phase identification, semi-quantitative phase analysis, pattern Detection and correction, connection specifications and ..
  • Calculate the distribution function of the observed XRD scan
  • Full integration of all tools required in X-ray diffraction analysis in one user interface
  •  Automatic X-ray diffraction analysis
  • Crystallographic analyzes
  •  Simulation using reference databases
  • Data exchange in various formats (text, binary, XRDML)
  • Automatic reporting
  • Provide analysis in common text and graphic formats .DOCX, .RTF, .PDF, .TXT, .HTML, .WMF, .PNG
  • Determination of phases
  • Crystallographic analyzes
  • Semi-quantitative analysis
  • Unit cell calculation
  • Calculate Crystallite Size
  • Detect and analyze the X-ray diffraction pattern (XRD)

X’Pert HighScore Plus XRD Database:

  • Crystallography Open Database – COD  2017 (hsrdb)
  • PANalytical ICSD Database – COD 2019 (hsrdb)
  • PDF2-Database – PDB (2004)


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