Download EniG. Chemistry Assistant 2.4.7

July 18, 2022| Chemist
Download EniG. Chemistry Assistant

EniG. Chemistry Assistant software free download expression calculator for fast calculation of molecular weight of compounds by simple entry of chemical formula, and replaces the element symbols with their atomic weight. The program translates texts with chemical element symbols or without them into a mathematical expression and calculates them. The program includes functions for statistical analysis, solving the quadratic equation, physical constants, and prepare solution calculator.

The element symbols can be written in lowercase letters, and the intelligent routine in the program will try to translate them and will show the result of translation – or it will report an error. The appearance of mathematical expressions, which are the result of the translation, can be seen if the mouse pointer is held over the entry field. The right mouse button has several often used anions and molecules.

The calculator feature is a list with task history in that storing all of your recent inputs and results. Chemistry Assistant also included a detailed help file that containing syntax, usage, and examples for all of the supported functions. The calculator also provides a list of common physical constants and performs various conversions between English and metric units.

Download EniG.Chemistry Assistant


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