Download FX Science Tools 20.02.10 + Crack

May 30, 2021| Chemist
Download FX Science Tools 20.02.10 + Crack

FX Science Tools crack free download Chemistry professional software in the field of typing formulas of chemistry, physics and mathematics in Word environment with high speed and accuracy. FX Science Tools provide chemistry and physics teachers with highly efficient means of creating equations and chemical structures. Just type and create.

This software includes three separate sections for typing a variety of chemical, physical and mathematical formulas as follows.

Type Chemistry – FX Chem: makes writing chemical equations dead simple. You just type and FX Chem knows enough about chemistry to put all of the components of the equation into the right spots. FX Chem can even produce nuclear chemistry equations – something that is very difficult in Word

Type Chemical Structures – FX ChemStruct: FX ChemStruct does to organic structures what FX Chem does for chemical equations. Just type the structural formula of a compound and FX ChemStruct will draw a structural diagram. No “drawing” required.

Type Physics – FX Equation: FX Equation is a totally different way of entering equations. No other program can rival FX Equation’s easy, high speed creation of secondary science equations. FX Equation is for anyone who gets frustrated with their current equation editor.

Download FX Science Tools



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