Download gNMR 5.0.6 + Serial

September 20, 2021| Chemist
Download gNMR

gNMR software free download is  a tool for drawing the spectrum of organic compounds along with their interpretation. This software is an NMR simulator that you can see by drawing an organic structure of the NMR spectrum along with the relevant information and interpret . Although it is possible to draw organic compounds with this program, it is better if you have a program to draw molecular structure such as ChemDraw; Because this program provides more and easier facilities for drawing the structure. gNMR also accepts ChemWindow, ChemDraw and Isis Draw software files. Of course, to see the NMR spectrum of an organic compound, you do not necessarily need to draw its shape, but by giving information such as chemical displacements, coupling constants, and., You can also see the spectrum.

Download gNMR


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