Download GPView 1.2 Wave Function Analysis and Visualization

September 6, 2021| Chemist
Download GPView

GPView software download is a tool for wave function analysis and visualization in chemistry calculations. wave function analysis module can calculate and generate 3D cubes for various types of molecular orbitals and electron density of electronic excited states, such as natural orbitals, natural transition orbitals, natural difference orbitals, hole-particle density, detachment-attachment density and transition density. This software supports various formats, GAMESS, MOPAC, Q-chem, Mopro, NWchem, gaussian.

The visualization module of GPView can display molecular and electronic (iso-surfaces) structures. It is also able to animate single trajectories of molecular dynamics and non-adiabatic excited state molecular dynamics using the data stored in existing files. There are also other utilities to extract and process the output of quantum chemistry calculations.

Download GPView


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