Download IQmol 2.15.2 molecular editor and visualization

August 15, 2021| Chemist
Download IQmol 2.15.2 molecular editor and visualization

IQmol software free download is a molecular editor and visualization package and iqmol molecular orbitals in computational chemistry.  IQmol offers a range of features including a molecular editor, surface generation (orbitals and densities) and animations (vibrational modes and reaction pathways).

IQmol is written using the Qt libraries which enables it to run on a range of platforms including OS X, Windows and Linux. IQmol has been integrated with the Q-Chem quantum chemistry package and offers an intuitive enviroment to set up, run, and analyse Q-Chem calculations. However, it can also read and display a variety of file formats, including the widely available formatted checkpoint file.

Download IQmol

Download Q-Chem 5.4.4 + License


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