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September 26, 2021| Chemist
Download IRPal

IRPal software free download is a powerful software to interpreting IR-spectra or infrared spectroscopy software that can help you analyze and interpret IR spectra of organic compounds. Working with this software is simple and easy, just enter the IR spectrum into the software and view the interpretation of the existing organic groups.

It is necessary to know that this software does not have the ability to enter data, you can only identify the peaks of your spectrum through this software. IRPal gives you the location of different peaks along with their intensity and you can analyze the material.

It not only gives the user one or more functional groups that feature absorption band(s) for a selected wavenumber, but relates that information to the possible existence of other bands in the spectrum that could confirm these assignments. Thus, if we assign a peak at 1700 cm-1 to a carbonyl stretch of an aromatic aldehyde the program prompts the user to check the presence of aldehyde C-H at 2720 and 2820 cm-1 and a number of typical aromatic C-H out of plane bands. Apart from this, one can rule out classes of compounds by making them invisible to the user.

If a sample is known not to contain nitrogen, one can hide all amine, amide, nitrile, etc. data thereby facilitating structure elucidation. Assignments can be logged and annotated and imported into other applications. The program also features graphical representation of the data given in the tables.

Download IRPal


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