Download Jmol 14.30.2 Viewer for Chemical Structures in 3D

May 25, 2021| Chemist
Download Jmol 14.30.2 viewer for chemical structures in 3D

Jmol software free download is a 3D viewer  and modeling software for chemical compounds that is used as open source in Java format for modeling chemical compounds. with features for chemicals, crystals, materials and biomolecules. Also in this software, the analysis of chemical structures in three dimensions is examined Takes. A popular feature of this chemistry program is that it can be integrated with web pages to represent molecules in a variety of ways. For example, molecules can be represented as a ball and rod model, a space-filling model, a strip model, and so on.

Jmol supports the following molecular file formats:

  • MDL Molfile (mol)
  • Protein Data Bank (pdb
  • Crystallographic Information File (cif)
  • Chemical Markup Language (CML)

Installing and running Jmol
Jmol isn’t really installed as other programs are, but here is a brief description of how to put it into use:

To use the Jmol Application (stand-alone program that runs in your computer):
You only need to extract the Jmol.jar file from the downloaded package. Put it in any folder you like (such as c:\Program files\Jmol\, or even in My documents or in a USB stick; the location is not important).
Double-click on the Jmol.jar icon (or file) and it will run. Then, use the top menu to open molecular model files.

Download Jmol Software


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